Proyecto "How to make a particular Dish"

English class: A few days ago, the fifth grade children worked as chefs. They showed the class how to make a particular dish. First they decided on the dish and wrote out a recipe for it. Then they translated it into English. They rehearsed the recipe and finally performed for the class. The objective was to review and practice instructions for a recipe. Review of topics (some, any, cooking verbs and vocabulary food). 


The sixth grade students did a proyect called End of the Year Awards .Students voted in some categories for their partners. The teacher gave to the winners, awards ( a diploma and a ribbon ) accompanied by kind words from her and a round of applause from classmates. 

The objective was to review and practice adjetives and superlatives. Topics ( Unit 7 “ Animal Experts “) Topics ( Unit 4 “ Let’s go shopping “). And also the use of technology in English classes. 

Wax Museum 

Last month, the sixth grade students created a biography research report on a famous person. The culminating part of the project was a Wax Museum event, where students dressed up as the person they have learned about. In this project they practiced vocabulary about professions ( Unit 5 Making history ) , regular - irregular verbs and simple past in affirmative , interrogative and negative form. ( Unit 6 A busy weekend ).

Clase Muestra 

Tampico, Tamaulipas a 7 de febrero del 2018.- En las instalaciones de nuestro colegio se llevo la semana de clases muestra del área de Lengua Extranjera (ingles), donde padres de familia pudieron observar como nuestros alumnos de sexto grado aprenden en el centro de cómputo de ingles interactivo utilizando las nuevas tecnologías de la comunicación.

Proyecto Master Chef

(Teacher Dora)

Last week the Fifth grade children participated as TV. Chefs. They prepared their favorite dish in English class, where they are showing the audience how they make a particular dish. The objective was to review and practice instructions for a recipe. Review of topics (some, any, cooking, verbs and vocabulary food.) Finally they made a gingercookie with different materials. Review of vocabulary adjectives.